That is Diana West's apt term for the response of too many of the world's leaders to the Palestinians' vote to make Hamas their governing faction. It is the polar opposite of "realpolitik." There comes a point, sometimes, when logic is denied, reason is abandoned, and that vital connection to reality is severed. Once upon a time, we called this a nervous breakdown and prescribed a rest cure. Now, we call it a press conference and take notes. The fact is, with the Hamas victory —— the democratic election by Palestinian Arabs of a Nazi—like terrorist organization dedicated to annihilating Israel and replacing it with a Sharia state —— something in the common culture of world elites has snapped. From the White House to the European Union, the Hamas victory, with its disastrous implications for peace and democracy, is more than any one powerful person seems able to accept. So they don't. They are, as the therapeutic community might say, in denial.  Take...(Read Full Post)