The Journalist Exception

Who said that the Mainstream Media is incapable of discretion when it comes to releasing "hot" news stories? As we know, journalists obsessively cover any kidnapping or attack on Americans or coalition forces in Iraq, regardless if this gives aid or comfort to the enemy. There seems to be one exception to their penchant for publicizing setbacks in our efforts in Iraq:when fellow journalists' lives may be at stake. Apparently, all of else are created equal, but journalists are just more equal than the rest of us. The New York Post reports: You wouldn't know it from mainstream press coverage of the War on Terror, but journalists are actually capable of withholding news when human lives are on the line. Reporters' lives, that is. American soldiers, Marines and others fighting the terrorists are on their own. Take the case of Christian Science Monitor freelance reporter Jill Carroll, 28, who was kidnapped over the weekend in Baghdad. Carroll was abducted from a Sunni Arab...(Read Full Post)