Qaddafi forgiven?

Thirty—six years ago to this day a son of a Bedouin farmer became the premier of Libya.  Muammar al—Qaddafi, a captain in the Libyan army, had wrested control of the country from King Idris the previous year.  The anti—Western dictatorship which ensued closed US and British military bases and expelled Italian and Jewish Libyans.  In 1973, Mr. al—Qaddafi nationalized the foreign—owned oil fields. It appears that the renowned financier of Muslim terrorist organizations in Palestine and the Philippines has now been forgiven by Western governments for his past transgressions:   '...the US will be in the process of upgrading its embassy in Libya to one of full ambassadorship—since the removal of sanctions in 2004, the US embassy in Tripoli has been manned by a charge d'affaire. While several Congressional delegations have visited Libya since then, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is also expected to visit Libya next month,...(Read Full Post)