Kennedy just doesn't get it

Powerline has a piece on Sen. Kennedy's use of material from the Concerned Alumni of Princeton yesterday.  It turns out that the "bigoted" article that Ted Kennedy was flourishing in front of Judge Alito from the Concerned Alumni of Princeton magazine Prospect was a satire.  It certainly sounded suspicious yesterday when Kennedy read snippets of it, as it is a caricature of the conservative point of view  (the article was still on Kennedy's website as of this writing). Dinesh D'Souza, the well—known conservative author, was editor of Prospect in 1983 when the article "In Defense of Elitism" was published.  He confirmed that it was intended as satire. Oops.  Looks like Kennedy still hasn't learned his lesson about having other people do his homework for him. Greg Richards   1 13 06(Read Full Post)