War on Wal-Mart's shaky foundations

A union—led war on Wal—Mart is underway. The company which has brought low prices and improved the lives of low income Americans is derided by supposed guardians of the common man and woman. The company which has revolutionized the distribution sector and propelled the American economy forward while our European comopetitors stagnate, is reviled as a predator. Obviously, persuading Americans to look at Wal—Mart through the wrong end of the telescope is going to require some dodgy arguments. Last week, pollster John Zogby released a poll for anti—Wal—Mart group, showing that more than 50%  of Americans were supposedly unhappy with Wal—Mart. Now, another surevey, from Pew, contradticts these findings. 'Nearly every American lives near enough a Wal—Mart to shop there, and 84 percent say they have done so in the past year,' the research group said. 'Praise for the retailer`s low prices, wide selection and convenience flow freely, and 81...(Read Full Post)