NYT cheerleading for shunning Jewish symbol

The New York Times, cheerleader of all international organizations (such as the UN, but not NATO) heaps praise on the International Red Cross — for an action many others see as blatantly anti—Semitic. The International Red Cross finally succumbed to pressure from the American Red Cross to take the first steps to accept Israel's medical service,  Magen David Adom , as a member. However, the devil is in the details. The Israelis will not be allowed to use the Star of David as an emblem because it would apparently offend member states (one can guess which members would be offended). They will be compelled to use a diamond (one can speculate why the Israelis would accept a symbol that has some anti—Semitic overtones since Jews have long been associated with diamond dealing. But they crave some measure of international acceptance, no matter how grudging and degrading). This is couched in the language of not accepting religious symbols, even though the Red...(Read Full Post)