Iowahawk. Now more than ever

Iowahawk is up to his tricks again, and in fine form, indeed. Sample: POLL: 61% BACK TORTURE OF HOWARD DEAN New York — A new IPSOS/CNN survey of Americans released today showed widespread support for using "aggressive interrogation techniques" on DNC Chairman Howard Dean, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and forced reading of Andrew Sullivan. [more] and KERRY URGES SENSITIVE DAYTIME U.S. MILITARY TERRORISM  AGAINST U.S. CHILDREN Washington — Senator John Kerry sought to distance himself today from his weekend remarks on CBS's Face The Nation that "there is no reason, Bob, that American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing women and children, destroying the—uh—ah, religious thing, and so forth, raping and pillaging and, er, helping themselves to the falafel like Jenjis Khan and so on, which is exactly the sort of terrorism thing that is what the—umm, Iraqis are supposed to be um, doing, and,...(Read Full Post)