Bill Clinton's Guantanamo problem

You never heard about it? That's not surprising, because Clinton got it taken off the record, eliminating a legal decision from the books. The victims weren't illegal combatants, but poor, black Haitians. Slate reports: Guantanamo under Clinton produced its own share of suffering and abuses—and perhaps most important for today, the court decision that shut it down was eventually wiped off the books, thanks to legal maneuvers by the Clinton Justice Department. [....] ...the Clinton administration finally shut down the camp and allowed the Haitians to come to the United States. At the same time, though, the administration managed to undo the new precedent recognizing due process rights for foreigners on Guantanamo. In negotiations with attorneys for the refugees, the Justice Department agreed that it would not appeal the ruling, but only if the lower court decision was vacated—that is, erased from the books. The refugees' lawyers agreed to the deal because they feared they...(Read Full Post)