Churchill and the Anglosphere

Winston Churchill has been credited with creating and promoting the idea of an Anglosphere: a partnership between America and England that would benefit the world. People frustrated and disheartened by the fecklessness of the United Nations and  disgusted by continental European leaders have built upon the Churchillian idea of such an alliance and expanded it to include other English—speaking democracies*. For those interested in learning about the genesis of this idea, a new book by Martin Gilbert, Churchill and America is well—worth reading. Gilbert is the official biographer of Winston Churchill and wrote the most moving biography I have ever read (Churchill: A Life). In his new book, Gilbert deftly explores the origin of Churchill's love of America (it was based on much more than his American—born mother) and places it in the context of Churchill's recognition that America and England share beliefs which would benefit the people of the world. Churchill...(Read Full Post)