A Faux Sermon on Race and Crime

Author of 18 books and numerous articles, clergyman, preacher, winner of the American Book Award, ubiquitous television and radio personality, regular college lecturer, Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson is a go-to man on race issues. Dyson’s new book, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America, is cheered by Toni Morrison for its “profound cultural analysis,” and its “guidance for moral redemption.” With literary grace applied to a story of American racism that itself can reduce a person to tears, Dyson calls upon white America to accept blame for the condition of black America. Beyond that, he asks white America to draw black Americans into its bosom. How will white America respond?   An answer, I suggest, involves an issue that Dyson fails to face squarely: crime and especially black crime, and this failure, paradoxically, impedes rather than helps racial reconciliation. Why do many Americans with resources and...(Read Full Article)