Trump’s plan to defeat radical Islam

In Feb 2016, Lt. General Mike Flynn became an advisor to candidate Donald Trump. Trump was interested in his views of how to defeat radical Islam. In the summer of that year, Flynn published his book The Field of Fight: How We Can Win The Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies”   In it he wrote, “The political and theological underpinnings of their immoral actions have to be demolished.” According to Breitbart: “The book identifies the main enemy to Islam’s ideological encouragement of supremacism, violence, and expansionism, describes Iran as a ‘linchpin” of a loose anti-American alliance of Russia, Islam, China, and North Korea, and calls for a diplomatic effort to flip Russia against Iran and radical Islam. When dealing with Islamic militants, he writes, ”[w]e’ve got to stop feeling the slightest bit guilty about calling them by name and identifying them as fanatical killers acting on behalf of...(Read Full Article)