The AHCA Insurance Company Bailout

Sometimes I talk to people about insurance, and I often joke that no politician ever lost an election by badmouthing insurance companies.  Let's concede that the insurance industry is not well loved, but enough is enough. In the current Obamacare repeal and replace saga, Republicans seem conflicted about the role and value of insurance companies, so let me address a couple of points: first, the claim that insurance companies are treating people unfairly by not insuring people with pre-existing conditions, and second, the idea that any funding the government provides to insurance companies to support coverage for pre-existing conditions is some sort of bailout. The term "pre-existing conditions" does not refer to something that happens to people while they are insured so that they cannot maintain their insurance.  Within the health insurance market, it means a known condition, being treated or requiring treatment, at the time someone initially applies for...(Read Full Article)