South Korea Lurching Blindly Left

On Tuesday, May 9, the Republic of Korea will elect a new president. All signs indicate that the next president will be a socialist, after a decade of governance by the country's relatively conservative party --- a party which, in a desperate attempt to save itself from being tarred with President Park Geun-hye's recent impeachment, has tellingly rebranded itself as Liberal Korea. Given that in Korea, "socialist" has always meant "sympathetic to the communist North," it is not surprising that some Western analysts are seeing a bleak future for this tiny but economically and strategically vital peninsula. In March of this year, for example, the New York Post's Seth Lipsky authored an op-ed titled "Are we about to lose South Korea?" to which his answer was an ominous "Maybe." At this precarious moment in Korea's history, with the North becoming increasingly belligerent and increasingly nuclearized, and the South carelessly...(Read Full Article)