Shakespearean Politics in Britain

Brush up your Shakespeare if you really want to understand politics, especially possible future events in Britain. The imminent retirement at the age of 95 of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, from public engagements has drawn attention to the inherent powers of the British monarch which have never been defined in complete definitive fashion.  In a similar way, the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president has raised awareness and discussion of the use and extent of executive power. Sometimes, fiction anticipates possible future reality. In the present era of international phone hackings, concern about "fake news", the question of the impartiality of a free press in democratic countries, a provocative and fascinating play, Charles III written by Mike Bartlett, discusses the issue of the exercise and extent of governmental power, and the controversy over the attempt to restrict freedom of an aggressive press. By coincidence, recent events, in addition to...(Read Full Article)