North Korea: Not Nerve Gas Again!

I'm no fan of North Korea, but the news media in America need to do better if they're to avoid becoming just as discreditable. The May 15, 2017 Fox News article "UN Agency Helps North Korea with Patent Application for Banned Nerve Gas Chemical" is a case in point. The World Intellectual Property Organization probably has been assisting a North Korean patent application for sodium cyanide, as the article states.  And cyanide is a precursor used to manufacture the nerve agent Tabun. After that, however, it's just down the rabbit hole. The chemical structures, below, say it all. The organophosophorus moiety is center of nerve agents.  This is the acetyl cholinesterase inhibiting group, which disrupts nerve function. The R3 group in Tabun is cyanide "CN." The R3 group in Sarin, Cyclosarin and Soman is fluorine "F." In the VX type, R3 is the larger sulfur-nitrogen group.   These R3 groups are...(Read Full Article)