Milo, Lena, and Malignant Millennial Narcissism

Of the calumnies cast upon the millennial generation (people born between 1982 and 2000), the characteristic most frequently applied to them is narcissism.  Narcissism is a primitive ego defense wherein an idealized, all-powerful, and adorable self-image is maintained to ward off the experience of emptiness and shame.  Of course the millennial generation is narcissistic; how could it be otherwise?  What do they know that they were not taught?  They may be considered the first fully post-Judeo-Christian, anti-moral generation.  As children, they were placed on a raft called MTV and pushed into a sea of crude, meaningless media.  Most were tutored in atheist dogma: "You must choose for yourself what is right and what is wrong." The millennials have produced no genius, but hide in the shelter of celebrity anti-genius.  Anti-genius is the weaponized mind of malignant millennial narcissism. Neither brilliant or innovative, this mindset has...(Read Full Article)