Russia and China Can't Afford Rogue Nuke Neighbors

Vladimir Putin is an eminently sane power player.  So is China's Xi Jinping.  Donald Trump, contrary to his liberal enemies, built his hotel and reality show empires using careful chess moves against tough competition. There is an open question whether Kim III, Kim Jong-un, is a rational actor.  He certainly goes out of his way to look like a nuke-happy madman, but that can also be strategic.  We simply do not know, but with three carrier groups within range of Pyongyang, plus Japan and South Korea, formidably armed, plus China, which reportedly moved 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea, we are likely to find out the answer sometime soon.  The mullahs have been threatening war and genocide ever since Jimmy Carter and the Gray Eminence Zbigniew Brzezinski allowed Ayatollah Khomeini to take over the most progressive country in the Middle East.  The Shah's Iran and the ayatollahs are two very different countries, and I still cannot...(Read Full Article)