The National Health Care Nightmare Ahead

There is a growing consensus that if the American Health Care Act as proposed by the Republicans in the House and wholeheartedly endorsed by President Trump becomes law, the prospect of a single payer government run health care system will be virtually unavoidable.  By refusing to fully repeal Obamacare and institute a viable free market alternative, the inevitable failure of the mélange of Obamacare and Trumpcare will create a clamor for an alternative, which will be national health care.  The high probability of this eventuality is reinforced as many left-wing and progressive groups are giddy over the prospect of their fondest wish coming true. The overriding strategy of Obama and the Left in passing Obamacare was to so disrupt the private health care insurance market and alter the delivery of health service that there would eventually be an extraordinary level of dissatisfaction by the citizenry.  At that stage, the people would clamor for a solution which...(Read Full Article)