If You Set Out to Destroy ISIS, Destroy ISIS

President Trump promised to destroy ISIS, and the movement of conventional American ground troops into Syria marks a substantial departure from the Obama administration’s feckless policy. Trump is delegating authority and allowing his new Defense Secretary and responsible generals make operational decisions, rather than running the war from the White House. The Pentagon has already increased the pace and focus of American efforts in Syria, which hopefully is geared to the objectives Trump and the American people want: Annihilate ISIS and get out. Among Napoleon’s famous maxims was one admonishing the indecisive. “If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna.” The U.S. Army embodies this maxim in its Field Manual (FM 3-0) with the first of nine basic principles of war: “Direct every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive and obtainable objective. “ Maxims and principles are fine, but these things are much easier said than done. Any...(Read Full Article)