Trump’s America: As Welcoming as Ever

One of the dominant themes to emerge during last year’s presidential campaign was that Donald Trump posed a clear and present threat to Muslims in America. Both before and since his election, the news has been full of stories featuring Muslims who fear for their safety and well-being. The odd thing is that many of the reports of violence have been wholly contrived. There was the 18-year-old Muslim-American woman in New York City who claimed that a group of Trump supporters attacked her in December. She told police she was harassed on the subway and that her assailants tried to steal her hijab. She later confessed to having made the entire thing up. Another example occurred at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where a student admitted to lying when she alleged that two men, one wearing a Trump hat, shouted obscenities at her, struck her with a metal object, knocked her down, and stole her wallet and hijab. Again, it was later revealed that the...(Read Full Article)