When We Lost the Winnable War

Forty years ago this April, our nation lost the Vietnam War – a war that America could easily have won, and should have.  South Vietnam had been invaded by North Vietnam, although the conflict was portrayed by communist apologists as a “civil war.”  The Viet Cong did fight, but the primary enemy of the South Vietnam was North Vietnam. The SEATO alliance pledged France, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and America to come to the aid of South Vietnam if that nation was attacked by another nation.  The moral obligation of France, the colonial power that held Southeast Asia, and Britain, which held Malaya, was greater than our obligation.  We had, after all, granted independence to our only possession in Asia, the Philippines, before Pearl Harbor. North Vietnam was not just an aggressor, but a particularly brutal aggressor and a particularly evil regime.  The conduct of the war by the communists in South...(Read Full Article)