History Repeating Itself in Europe

Watching history repeat itself in Europe is truly unsettling.  Just as occurred not once but twice with Germany, Europe is now allowing Russia to go wilding across the continent scant years after having done the same with the USSR.  Will these people ever learn? Within the past few days, two events neatly capture the bloodthirsty Russian bear in action.  First, Europe found Russia repeatedly violating the airspace of Finland – not just flying attack aircraft near the border, as Russia has repeatedly done, for example, with Norway, but actually crossing it in a naked act of intimidation and war. Then, Ukraine captured a whole platoon of Russian soldiers who had crossed into Ukraine’s territory in another blatant act of war.  Caught red-handed, the Kremlin pathetically tried to claim they were there by mistake.  FOX News showed a photograph of highly sophisticated Russian military hardware parading shamelessly through the streets of...(Read Full Article)