White Privilege and Black Conservatism

In the quarrel between Progressives and Conservatives, many of the former believe that we are nostalgic for some Norman Rockwell rendering of an America that exists only as a furtive dream. Therefore, it is no surprise that the calculated meme of White Privilege should today be revived like some brainless zombie and sent to do battle with rational Conservative arguments. Having watched as every Progressive creed and thought experiment has crashed into flames when tested in the rarified oxygen of reality, the chimera of race is all their True Believers have left to fall back on. Indeed, when one’s dogmatic project is crumbling into ashes, racism’s acrid reservoir of vitriol -- stored in an anatomical region no higher than the human brain stem -- must be called upon to assault the emotions and secrete that seething pity and self loathing that goes hand in hand with the Progressive’s worldview. When liberalism’s faux-rationality bled out on the field of...(Read Full Article)