Reading: The Con Continues

Not much is certain in life, but here are two things you can take to the bank.  If you want a child to learn to read, phonics is the way that works.  Second, you can be sure that our Education Establishment will try to keep phonics at a minimum and force children to memorize the English language one sight-word at a time. Where reading is concerned, the nonsense never stops. In his famous 1955 book Why Johnny Can’t Read, Rudolf Flesch said he looked at all the research.  There were 11 studies from 1913 to 1948; in all of them, phonics was superior. Now, a century after that first study, Malkin Dare, a Canadian expert, summed up the latest research from the UK: There is no such thing as a silver bullet in education, but systematic phonics comes pretty close. Doubters ought to read this report by Dr. Marlynne Grant, an English educational psychologist. Dr. Grant is actually reporting on two studies. The first is a two-year study...(Read Full Article)