Ceteris Paribus in Government Assumptions

Have you noticed that the word “unexpected” keeps cropping up in announcement after announcement coming out of the White House, the various agencies within the Executive Branch, and news reports concerning the unintended consequences associated with things that the government has loudly trumpeted are going to “help” Americans? The “experts” who formulate policy, draft regulations, and determine the “proper lunch menu” for school kids are seemingly stunned when things don’t work out exactly the way they thought they would have – or, as they see it, should have.  Of course, it has to be understood that any plans or actions that will affect a nation of over 300 million souls will always be extremely complex – so complex, in fact, that the planners, regulators, or First Nutritionists inevitably fall back on the use of the assumption described as ceteris paribus. That Latin phrase means, literally, “all...(Read Full Article)