A Turning Point for Conservatism?

The stakes couldn’t be higher in the June 10 primary between Eric Cantor and conservative economics professor Dave Brat.This primary could very well be the election that determines whether amnesty passes. A Brat win could stop wavering Republicans from caving on amnesty in the (rumored) upcoming June vote. Because Brat poses a credible threat to Cantor, the incumbent is now spreading falsehoods in an effort to keep his job. Cantor’s campaign recently sent out an email claiming that a “liberal pro-amnesty group” supports Brat. PolitiFact Virginia rated this statement completely “false.” Those who have followed Cantor’s shift towards hard-left immigration rhetoric, and pro-amnesty barnstorming alongside Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), will not be surprised by the incumbent’s latest chicanery.  Cantor is playing the games one should expect of inside-the-beltway, cosmopolitan elitists. He is a member of the group that Samuel...(Read Full Article)