Liberals, Killers and Gun Fetishes

My 1980 print edition of the Oxford American Dictionary defines “fetish” as an object worshiped by primitive peoples who believe it to have magical powers. When it comes to guns, this definition clearly defines liberal gun control advocates, not America’s tens of millions of lawful gun owners, or even the large but smaller population of gun collectors and enthusiasts.  Nonetheless, I was not shocked to read this article in the Daily Beast, which threw the F-word repeatedly at “gun nuts” who refuse to see the recent killings in Santa Barbara California as anything but confirmation that the 2nd Amendment is destroying America. Ironically, at the time I read the article, I already had in mind writing a piece about how many recent spree killers appeared to have a strong fetish for certain firearms. But such fetishes arose not due to America’s “gun culture” but because of the deliberate actions of left-liberal fetish experts in...(Read Full Article)