Kill a Child, Save the Planet

I've heard strangers say perhaps a dozen times that if the Native Americans had only kept control of the Americas, the environment would be in much better shape, but this is only half a truth.  It isn't so much that Native Americans were very good at taking care of the environment; it's more that they were very bad at taking care of their children.  There's really only one thing standing between the human race and a healthy environment, and that thing is children.  Everyone knows that the more children there are, the more animals we have to eat, the more clothing we need, the more waste we produce.  The Indians were masters at skirting all of this: they preferred to remain in the stone age in nearly every respect, which meant they had terrible medicine and limited food – or worse, shamanism and starvation, which meant they had a lot of dead children.  The Europeans had medicine, and Adam Smith said that in his day, a poor Irish woman...(Read Full Article)