How Many Have to Die?

How many have to die before people recognize Barack Obama for what he is, an incompetent ideologue, in way over his head?  Ever the sociopathic solipsist, everything is always about him, and if lives are lost in service of his place in the history books, they will not have died in vain, for there is no greater goal than the deification of Barack Obama.  Just ask him; he’ll tell you. The latest administration scandal involves the VA hospital system, which is alleged to have been run like a criminal enterprise. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for Veterans Affairs has released a preliminary report raising the possibility of criminal misconduct.  It is said that as many as 40 or more veterans died unnecessarily while waiting for medical treatment they never received. Sadly, it did not start there. It started with ‘Fast and Furious,’ a deliciously idiotic scheme by Barry and his mini-me, Attorney General Eric Holder,...(Read Full Article)