Anti-Piketty: It's the Great Subtraction

When you finally get to the end of Thomas Piketty's Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century you get what it's all about: We Need More Money. Of course “we” do. It's Little Shop of Horrors on the Left Bank. “Feed me!” According to the London Financial Times, Piketty couldn't quite keep his numbers straight. Apparently the rich aren't getting as rich as Piketty's theory wants them to be, and he had to fudge the numbers a bit. But it doesn't alter the message. Tax the rich. Because of inequality. Let's be clear what he means. The only way to the future, for progressives, is through more subtraction, taking more money out of the economy in taxes. Just like feminists subtracting themselves from the future, what with their abortions and “child-free” lives, and all. You could call it the Great Subtraction, shrinking life to an equation of rights and liberation. The progressive only thinks of what must be...(Read Full Article)