A Great Reform from the VA Scandal

There is a wonderful opportunity for a great reform that conservatives would do well to push. Government, especially the federal government, doesn’t work.  We all know that.  Why?  The left uses government as its own private empire, rewarding its troops and punishing its enemies.  Operations in the private market work efficiently or die.  This calculation is utterly missing in the world of government bureaucrats and their political allies.   Civil servants actually profit from sloth, incompetence, corruption, and deceit.  The pat answers for problems like the VA scandal have sounded like this: “Give us more money.  Give us the tools to do the job right, and we will.  We have asked Congress for the resources to do the job right, and Congress has refused.”   Then, when panicked politicians thoughtlessly throw more tax dollars at the “problem,” these selfsame civil servants have more staff...(Read Full Article)