The Dangerous Illusion

What you believe and what is actually true can often be two very different things, and the difference could kill you.  I can believe my favorite sports team are the best of the best, only to be slapped in the face by reality on Sunday afternoon.  I can believe my pay check will last me to the end of the month in spite of my busy social schedule and efforts to punish my liver at every available watering hole... only to be faced with the reality of baked beans on toast and hitching a lift to work when my month mysteriously outlasts my pay check. I can believe that I live in safety... but when the day comes that my illusion is shown to be... well... an illusion, the consequences can be terrible. To put it another way, if there is one thing worse than living in fear of bad things happening, it's living in a Dangerous Illusion that you are safe from bad things. Living in fear is no fun, but when you fear something, you prepare for it.  You plan, you make...(Read Full Article)