April 30th, The Lost Holiday

A little-remembered anniversary occurs this April 30 -- the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution being put into operation. Many might remember that April 30, 1789 was the day that George Washington took the oath of office and gave his inaugural address. But lest we forget, this very act also marked the launching of the American Constitutional System.  Those living at the time knew what a landmark day it was and the details surrounding the events of the day show this depth of understanding. Through the process of time, neglect and the active rewriting of American history, these details have been buried to our detriment and shame. For instance, at 9:00 A.M. on Inauguration Day, church bells throughout New York City [then the seat of the national government] rang out calling the citizens to pray for the new government. The papers of New York City stated it this way: “[O]n the morning of the day on which our illustrious President will be invested with...(Read Full Article)