Why does the President Continue to Support ObamaCare?

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas seems to be a rising political star who deserves to be much admired. Very refreshingly, unlike the “Old Pro” Republicans, he speaks out forthrightly, unabashedly, and persuasively against such things as the Federal government’s runaway spending and encroachment on personal freedom. Perhaps he hasn't been in Washington long enough. Hopefully this is not the case, and Mr. Cruz will stay the way he is. Nevertheless, I take issue with something Mr. Cruz said in a recent interview. He mentioned that despite being almost categorically critical of President Obama, the man deserves to be praised for continuing to promote ObamaCare, despite its increasing unpopularity with the public and the resultant danger to Democratic candidates everywhere. Mr. Cruz opined that had Bill Clinton been president, he would have dropped his support for ObamaCare out of political expediency, notwithstanding whatever he believed in personally. Mr. Obama,...(Read Full Article)