Uppity Deniers, Unite!

Climate is the planet's strategy and weather is its tactic.  It is unbelievably presumptuous of we humans to think we are affecting either one.  Let's take a common sense look at the concept formerly known as “global warming” now known as “man-caused climate change” -- an oxymoron if there ever was one. There is a lot of oil to be had on this planet. Some deposits are easier to find than others.  The Arabian Peninsula is fairly low-hanging fruit in this regard and it seems to be loaded with oil.  This area is also quite inhospitable to human life -- there is lots of sun, no rain and the surface seems to consist largely of sand.  Oil, however is made of decayed plant and animal matter.  This means this area was once teeming with flora and fauna.  It no longer is.  The climate has changed.  Climate change is normal, climate change is gradual in the greater scheme of things and climate change is not always...(Read Full Article)