The Russian Empire Strikes Back

Vladimir Putin’s strategic and private ambitions  extend far beyond the rocky and waterless Crimean peninsula reaching out into the Black Sea. These days, he is often described as an aggressive revanchist, seeking to restore the former glory of the Soviet Union. It is true -- to a certain extent. The area within the former USSR borders is too narrow for Mother Russia. Her main goal is global supremacy. No more, no less. Although there are no signs that the West is aware of the threatened danger. Rustling of the Laurel Crown Of course, Mr. Putin and a great many of his retinue had once been communists. But at present they are inveterate capitalists. You’ll never find them humming The Internationale or studying 55 volumes of Lenin’s Complete Collected Works. Yet almost every one of them is well-versed in tricky business and shady financial schemes. The ascetic traditions of the revolutionary Bolsheviks were rejected a long, long time ago. The political...(Read Full Article)