Obama's Great Man Delusion

Amid the Ukraine crisis last week, President Obama spoke several times by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  According to reports, the “conversation” soon devolved into accusations.  Now U.S.- Russia relations are the worst they’ve been since the Cold War; not only are the two nations at odds on policy, but their leaders seem to harbor deep personal animosity toward each other.  What else could you expect when one self-anointed Great Man faces off with another who thinks he is also Great? Those who suppose themselves Great Men are capable of doing great harm.  That has been the case with President Obama’s health care takeover, green energy fiascos, and failed jobs initiatives.  Now the effects of his mishandling of foreign affairs are coming to light not just in the Ukraine, but also in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Afghanistan.  Instead of doing the job he was elected to do, Obama seems to have spent the last five...(Read Full Article)