Israeli-Iranian Axis? Highly Illusory

There are those who believe that given the sweeping turmoil in the Middle East, the two most powerful non-Arab countries other than Turkey -- Israel and Iran -- have common interests in forming a strategic alliance that would substantially strengthen their position and contribute to regional stability. They argue that such an alliance would create a new balance of power and set the stage for a new geopolitical development from which they could mutually benefit. They base this argument on a number of assumptions including the long friendly and mutually cooperative relationship that Jews and Persians enjoyed for centuries, which continued until the 1979 revolution. They have no conflict of interest, as Iran’s ambitions to become the region’s hegemon presumably has no bearing on Israel and the two countries can benefit greatly from each other’s abundance of human and natural resources. They further argue that the enmity between Iran and Israel is transient and...(Read Full Article)