How's This for Flexibility, Mr. President?

It was a shocking disclosure just two years ago.  In Seoul, South Korea, President Barack Obama’s voice was picked up on a hot mic as he told Russia’s Dmitri Medvedev: "Tell Vladimir [Putin] I can be more flexible after the election." It was an unprecedented confession by an American head of state.  It was shocking – or should have been – because it showed the president of the United States conspiring, literally whispering assurances to a foreign leader that may not have been consistent with his own public pronouncements to us, the American voters, or to the world. American presidents are not supposed to be dealing behind the hand or under the table with foreign leaders.  It speaks of a fundamental lack of trust between the governors and the governed.  Our liberal media – always in the tank for Mr. Obama – yawned and brushed it all off. Mitt Romney tried to raise the issue, but he stumbled badly.  He...(Read Full Article)