Christ at the Checkpoint Conference: Promoting Delegitimization not Reconciliation

March 10 – 14 marks the third Christ at the Checkpoint conference, in Bethlehem. Initiated in 2010 this is a gathering of hundreds of Christian leaders from around the world. Much discussion has been raised about the conference with respect to its balance, or shall I say lack thereof. Indeed the very name of the conference suggests that if Jesus were alive today he would be subject to interrogation by Israeli security. It also suggests that he is not a Jew, but a “Palestinian.” While his status remains an issue of debate for many, there is no evidence whatsoever suggesting he is ‘Palestinian.’ This is part of an ongoing effort by the organizers to rewrite history. In spite of lofty words such as “peace, justice and reconciliation,” used in part to describe their goals, the conference ignores Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism, and singularly focuses on the “suffering Palestinian people.” Another...(Read Full Article)