China, North Korea, and Hypocrisy on Human Rights

As Beijing moves full steam ahead with its diplomatic offensive against Japan over World War II history, it nonetheless cynically chooses to provide diplomatic cover for North Korea’s human rights atrocities via a threatened UN veto. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported that “China strongly hinted Tuesday (March 18th) that it would veto a United Nations resolution holding North Korea's leadership responsible for crimes against humanity, dashing hopes for the international community to act on the North's grim human rights record.”On the human rights issue Beijing has clearly decided that what is good for the goose (Japan) is definitely NOT good for the gander (North Korea). Reuters quoted diplomatic sources on February 23rd indicating that Xi Jinping had requested an official visit to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial during his first visit this month to Europe as Chinese president -- immediately following Xi’s attendance with...(Read Full Article)