The U.S. Should Cut a Deal with Israel and End the Conflict

For the last 30 years, the US has been pushing Israel to withdraw from all territories occupied as a result of the six day War in 1967. In doing so, they are running contrary to the UNSC Res 242 that permitted Israel to remain in occupation until she had secure and recognized borders. In 2002 as the US was preparing to invade Iraq, she began  negotiations for the creation  of a Palestinian state and the roadmap to get there. As a result , Pres Bush delivered his "vision speech" in  which he committed the US to support the creation of a Palestinian state subject to certain provisos, namely, that they  "build a practising democracy, based on tolerance and liberty." and they stop "encouraging, not opposing, terrorism". These preconditions have not remotely been met. The Roadmap was presented  in 2003 just days after the invasion of Iraq  began.  It is obvious that the two were linked.  Unfortunately it...(Read Full Article)