The Stealth Carbon Tax

Using Executive Order 12866 (Regulatory Planning and Review, issued by President Bill Clinton back in 1993), the White House Office of Management and Budget (WH-OMB) has published numerical estimates for the 'Social Cost of Carbon' (SCC).  In Public Comments, we have challenged these OMB numbers in three respects: use of outdated climate science; internal inconsistency; omission of CO2 benefits.  These miscalculations -- whether politically inspired or innocently overlooked -- could end up costing the American public hundreds of billions in higher dollar  costs, as well as millions of lost jobs. OMB's announced purpose is to arrive at validated and consistent dollar figures that can be used in OMB Regulatory Impact Analysis.  However, I strongly suspect that the real purpose of the White House is to establish a de facto carbon tax.  Such a scheme would usurp the authority of Congress and likely violate the US Constitution, since all tax bills must originate...(Read Full Article)