The Morning After in Afghanistan

It is abundantly clear that if under President Bush the American victory in the Afghan War became impossible, it was under President Obama when the U.S. defeat became inevitable. The biggest mistake of the Bush administration was the draining of the resources designed to protect the U.S. victory achieved over Taliban during the fall of 2001 for the needs of the war in Iraq. It was this situation that enabled the unopposed return of Taliban in 2005-2006 which initiated the outbreak of the second round of the war. There could be little doubt that United States and Russia will be the most affected countries by the outcome of the conflict ravaging Afghanistan for more than three decades. Is there any chance for any change of the relationship between both countries given the magnitude of the common danger hanging over them? One of the most important decisions made by President Obama in the area of foreign policy undoubtedly was to end the military involvement of the United States in...(Read Full Article)