Spreading a Message of Opportunity

Over the last year, I have traveled to numerous political events across the great state of Georgia. At almost every event, someone comes to me with 'that' question  -- "what makes you a Black Republican?" Now I've been asked this question so many times, it's simply expected. Although I know I'll be asked it over a thousand more times, I'll always give the answer with a smile. Personally, I enjoy letting others know why I'm a conservative. It's simple -- my values and my beliefs are best reflected through conservative principle. And America is stronger with bold Christian conservative leadership. The modern-day conservative message is one of growth and opportunity. It's about empowering people and not the government. It's about a thriving economy, the security of a nation, and having faith in an almighty, all-powerful God. After answering that first question, I'm asked "Well, how does the Republican Party grow with young voters, Blacks, Hispanics, and others?" Here again, it's...(Read Full Article)