Reagan's Roadmap to Victory

Reagan's Roadmap to Victory 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative by Paul Kengor, Beaufort Books, 133 pages, $16.95 Do you miss President Reagan?  Do you smile every time you see a film clip of our 40th    president on some television show?  And do you lunge for the remote control and flip from Fox News to a movie channel every time one of the current Republican would-be presidents starts to say something so weird, so clumsy, so blindingly stupid you'd think he was actually trying to help Hillary get elected? Treat yourself to a copy of 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative, by Paul Kengor.  It's a brilliant, beautifully written summary of what Ronald Reagan believed and how he communicated his beliefs to those of us he cheerfully called "my fellow Americans." Kengor has sifted through President Reagan's speeches, blended those words with Reagan's actions in office, and distilled from all this the eleven principles on which Ronald Reagan lived...(Read Full Article)