Obama Misconstrues Henry Ford

I was initially delighted to learn that President Obama cited Henry Ford in a speech, because Ford's industrial methods were directly responsible for making the United States the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. If Obama is, in fact, channeling Ford, there is hope for the remainder of his term. If, on the other hand, he is not, I am the last person on earth to whom he should try to make this argument. A hundred years ago, Henry Ford started Ford Motor Company. Model T -- you remember all that? Henry Ford realized he could sell more cars if his workers made enough money to buy the cars. He had started this -- factories and mass production and all that, but then he realized, if my workers aren't getting paid, they won't be able to buy the cars. And then I can't make a profit and reinvest to hire more workers. But if I pay my workers a good wage, they can buy my product, I make more cars. Ultimately, I'll make more money, they've got more money in their pockets -- so it's a...(Read Full Article)