New York City: A Pay More, Get Less Sinkhole

New York's dishonest governor, Andrew Cuomo, has made it eminently clear that there is no place for pro-life voters, or gun owners, in his sorry excuse for a state. This, along with the resounding failure of even moderate Democrats to distance themselves from this individual, shows there is no place for gun owners, Catholics, Orthodox Jews, or Evangelical Christians in the Democratic Party. New York State's problems have a clearly identifiable source. Votes from the Big Rotten Apple put individuals like Andrew Cuomo, his father Mario, and Emperor's VIP Club Client 9 into office. Michael Bloomberg was a Kim Jong Un-wannabee who took Federal gun law enforcement into his own hands, and almost stepped onto the wrong side of Federal gun felony laws in the process. His replacement, Bill De Blasio, has made it clear that there is no place for productive businesses or citizens in his pay more, get less Socialist paradise. De Blasio said people earning between $500,000 and one million...(Read Full Article)