John Kerry in Troubled Waters

Great oaks from little acorns grow, and pivotal ruptures develop from misunderstandings. The present misunderstanding between Secretary of State John Kerry and the State of Israel should be clarified before it deteriorates into adversity. It is regrettable that Secretary of State John Kerry on February 1, 2014 is quoted as having warned Israel in somewhat obscure language that failure to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians would damage Israel's capacity to be a democratic state. He expressed concern that Israel might lose the particular special character central to it, and was worried that continuing condemnation of Israel could lead to more boycott of Israel. In a week that witnessed courage and cowardice on the issue of boycott of Israel, Kerry's remarks were less helpful than intended. Courage was displayed by the actress Scarlett Johansson. who resigned from her position as an ambassador of Oxfam International because of a "fundamental difference of opinion" with the...(Read Full Article)