Joe II: The Healing

A recent AT article introduced Joe, a successful and intelligent black man obsessed with white racism.  Our friendship suffered a breach when I finally challenged what I believed to be his irrational obsession and aspersions.  Soon afterward, I quit the organization we both belonged to, largely to escape his race grievance dispatches.  Regrettably, however, somebody surprised me with a "gift."  She "unquit" me, paid my dues, and got me elected as chairman of something.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I accepted the offering, but resolved to refute Joe whenever necessary. At the next meeting -- the topic was selfless service -- Joe commenced another oration about white racism.  I objected, a heated exchange erupted, and somebody suggested that Joe and I take steps to heal our relationship.  Later, my husband observed, "I suppose the most selfless thing you can do for those people is make them happy and get...(Read Full Article)